Monday, 4 October 2010

Beyond Belief ~ yet another Rushleigh Chronicle!

I originally set up these chronicles as I had a lot to say and needed somewhere to say it.  Since then content has evolved rapidly and falls into four fairly distinct groups each of which has its own site.

However, I've lately realised that I'm still holding back a significant amount of material on the basis of it possibly being too far removed from what most people would find interesting and accessible; I was aware of the danger of alienating readers who might stop reading Rushleigh entirely if some of the things I said seemed too odd, far-fetched or confrontational for their taste.  A great deal of what I want to share is practical in nature and I want it to be helpful to others, so rather than lose readers through what might appear to be careless eccentricity, I've chosen to be conservative in self expression.

But what about the other stuff?  My thinking and interests do cover a wide range and often seem to take a different course from those of others.  This is a problem which impacts on my social life quite particularly, as I commonly self-censor all manner of thoughts in a doomed effort to blend in with others, doomed in that it results in me feeling suffocated and others having little or no idea of what I'm really like.  When I do speak more openly I am often met with the blankness of nothing coming back the other way, which is almost worse than if I had said nothing at all.

Nonetheless, the nature of my thinking is often original to me, and as such represents part of my unique contribution to the world we live in.  No one else can do it.  If I don't articulate it it remains un-lived, un-realised.  I do believe that to live a natural life fully demands many forms of self-expression, even of what we find difficult. 

So here goes; this site is my effort to throw over the traces and speak (somewhat) more freely.  I've named it 'Beyond Belief' because content is likely to fall outside of accepted beliefs, attitudes and conventions.  Make of it what you will.

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